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Red Growing Left Arrow 4

Cant Have Heroes Without Nasty Villains

King Nazdu VI

King Nazdu is the most feared man in Alexia. He not only controls the Death Knights, but he has command of the Paladin’s of Nazdu. Nazdu’s origin is one of war. All kings of Nazdu were force to fight at the age of 10. Many did not survive. The king’s only concern is complete rule of Alexia and he will to go to any length to achieve his goal.

General Coas


General Coas is not only respected as a knight but feared for his ability. He is the commander of the Death knights and leader of the Paladin’s of Nazdu. His skill is unmatched on the battlefield. He also uses the Black Omen which is a legendary sword with great power. The sword has a direct effect on the Generals right eye. Although he may not always agree with the King he has sworn his Allegiance to Nazdu.


Tank is just as bull headed as he looks, but is incredibly strong. He is so strong that General Coas himself appointed him as a Paladin of Nazdu. Tank strength comes from within and grows the more he fights. If he took his gift serious he could one day be stronger than the General himself.

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