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My Links section is composed of Dragon Comic Members, and Affiliate pages unless stated otherwise

Teri's Playgroud is a beatiful site with incredible manga pictures. She is beyond talented and I'm glad to have her on my team.

Heather Huang Is a very talented manga artist with some nice work to view. Check her link out.

Myth 36 Is a very gifted Fantasy artist. glad to have her aboard. This link will take you to some samples of her work.
Angel Kitten is a new member and this is the link to her artwork
Lady Kreiznah links to you to her site where you can see her present work and past projects.
Efrain Corral is one of our newest members. His link features a load of images. Enjoy!!
Psi Artist  site just got finished is offers a lot of images for your viewing pleasure

Le Vol Du X-27 I believe is a french web site. What I can tell you is this comic is of the hook. If you like computer graphics then you'll love this.

Rain of Gods is a comic which revolves around Greek gods, check it out for some cool characters and a great story. Affiliate of Dragon Comics

Oopsmural is a great site to look at. The artist are very talented as well as the web designer. They are not members of Dragon but affiliates and their site is worth seeing. Trust me.

Joe Mad Fan is a really great website created by Nathen Springs and dedicated to my favorite artist Joe Madureira. Its has work you may have seen and a bunch of stuff I'm sure you have not. If you don't know who HE is you need to check out the page. He is one of the greatest comic artist of our time and is still very young. He changed the style of comic book art forever. Please Check this site out.

Manga Tutorial This is a really good Manga tutorial site for people looking for tips on drawing.
Polykarbon is another great site to get tips on drawing and photoshop.
Manga Revolution is by far the best tutorial site I have ever seen. I think all artist would enjoy this link. It not only gives you the step by step of different drawing techniques but coloring by hand and photoshop to.
B.I.O. O.P.4.S.S. is a comic being done by some friends of mine who call themselves Millinia26 Productions. They are young but have their goals set and are on target to reach them.

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