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Chaos Destined Characters

Red Glass Growing Left Arrow 2


Selija Ecno San


 Selija is the last know descendant of the Ecno San, who have established themselves as the best super natural hunters alive since the beginning of time. The name alone strikes fear into the hearts of monsters. Selija also uses the Soul Snatcher which is a sword passed down through generations to the next direct descendant of the Ecno San. Selija has mastered the art of vampire hunting and has set out on a quest to destroy every vampire alive for the death of his father.



Malachi is the only true friend Selija has. He found by Selija’s Father as a baby and trained in the way of a hunter. He is a master of two sword fighting and may be the best swords man in the world. He uses the Dragons fangs, which were said to be, create from the first dragons front fangs. He has incredible speed and power balance and never looses his temper, which is something he tries to pass on to Selija.


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